Alphabet Dates – J and K

k, so. Its been a while since we did an update on our alphabet dating adventures, but before you start pointing fingers, WE HAVE BEEN BUSY! ūüôā We went on holiday to Spain, Ran a marathon in Brighton, (I did, Tim was my chauffeur, cheerleader, and bringer of pizza) Walked the length of the Isle of Wight aka, Walk the Wight, went to an Italian wedding (well, Tim did, I stayed at home to puppy sit #photographerperks) had a weekend away¬†to see the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in London – and got the¬†performance¬†time wrong… thank you RAH for re-booking us at 45 minutes notice – and basically had a bit of a busy two months. But here we are, in June 2016, and between the football (Euro 2016…yawn) and just life in general we have squeezed in two dates this month. That is the beauty of Alphabet dating, there are no rules. You can do it every week, every month, every two weeks, on a weekday, weekend, whenever you want. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate affair every time, and if its free, even better! So, without further ado, I give you letters J and K. (I’d like to point out that after Q and XYZ, they are the most difficult letters to come up with dates for, and I think we did pretty good!)


J is for… Jazz! 5th June 2016

Picture the scene. Its Sunday, its hot out, youre still a little bit delicate from the Saturday night where you had one too many beers, and you fancy a picnic on the sea front. What could possibly be  better than spending an afternoon in the sunshine on the beach front with some good food, great company and some live Jazz music playing in the background? All of the above, but for FREE. We are fortunate that throughout the summer, there is live music on every Sunday at the Bandstand in Southsea (our first date weekend included a picnic at the same spot listening to a Dolly Parton Tribute), so we packed up a picnic, blanket, some books and an umbrella for Dolly (our dog, not Dolly Parton. Although she is named after Dolly Parton) and spent the afternoon sunning ourselves listening to live music. What more could you want for your Sunday afternoon? It was a great little date, and we loved listening to the band play some awesome jazz music.


Check out the listings for free music at the Seafront here!


K is for…. Koh Thai Tapas 19th June

This weekend, we were pretty jam packed with things to do. Well, I say jam packed – we saw two movies, one at our local cinema, (The Secret Life of Pets – no, its not just for kids) and then we went back the the bandstand in Southsea for an open air screening of what is, quite possibly, one of the best films of out time – Back to the Future part 1 (for the record, part 2 is my favorite) – courtesy of Portsmouth Film Society. Sunday on the other hand, the weather was rubbish (oh summer 2016, where are you?) and although I managed to squeeze in a run in the morning, we did nothing at all. We watched Weird Science and ate popcorn, and sometimes, those are the best days, especially when the weather is terrible. By 4pm, we both were feeling a bit guilty about wasting our day, and the subject of our next alphabet date came up. Me, with my “no time like the present” attitude, starting looking up places to go that begin with K for dinner. Koh Thai Tapas in Southsea came up, and we (I) decided we were going out for dinner!

It did not disappoint. The service was friendly, and the food was amazing. We decided to do the taster menu, where for £22 per person they will bring out three dishes for starters and mains to share. A little on the pricey side, but we figured if we are going to do it we might as well go the whole hog. It was great food, and there was so much of it. By the end of our mains we were defeated. It was a perfect end to our weekend.


So that is all for now. I hope this gives you some new ideas for your next dates and remember that it doesn’t have to be expensive or elaborate every time, as long as you are spending time with you loved ones and doing something you both enjoy, that is what matters.

Its back to Tim’s turn for L. Secretly, I’m hoping for Longleat, something involving Llamas, or a Long weekend somewhere….. I suspect as we have tickets to go to Wembley in August, it may well be Liverpool vs Barcelona in London! But hey, that’s fine by me, as long as we get some good food and wine (naturally, they will have to start with L, if anyone can recommend some restaurants and wine bars in London please let me know!) and spend some time together.

Until next time!

H xx


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