Alphabet Dates – L, M, N, O!

Well, its been a while?! 

So what have we been up to on our lovely alphabet dates over the summer? lets take a look!

L is for… Llamas! (And Lasagna)

This was such a cool date. It was Tim’s turn to pick an activity, and it was awesome! we went to walk Llamas! Ok. so technically, they werent llamas. they were alpacas, but they all come from the same sub-species of mammal – a la Wikipedia – “Alpacas are classified as camelids. Of the various camelid species, the alpaca and vicuña are the most valuable fiber-bearing animals: the alpaca because of the quality and quantity of its fiber, and the vicuña because of the softness, fineness and quality of its coat.”

We headed off to a small privately owned Alpaca farm called Hensting Alpacas which is based in Otterbourne Hampshire, quite close to where we live. We met with the owners of the heard, who gave us the low down on alpacas, where they come from, how they breed, and introduced us to all their furry faces, then we were paired up with our own ones to walk!


Here are some photos from the day. We had an absolute ball doing this, and would recommend it to anyone. The walks are run every day subject to weather and numbers, and cost £29.20 for 2 people with one alpaca. Please do check out their website. We then went for Lunch at a pub in Otterbourne, and both had Lasagna, as per the rules of Alphabet dates (there are no rules.). All polished off with a Latte, a perfect Saturday!

How cute are these guys!?


M is for…. Massive meet up with Mates, Meat and Merlot!

Another weekend, and another great day out. For this weeks date, we organised a meet up with friends from Exeter, London and everywhere in between in the lovely seaside town of  Brighton!

We all met up at one of Brighton’s many epic burger joints (there are many, many burger places, we struggled to agree on somewhere) however, before this, breakfast was needed. Tim and I went to a really awesome little bread/coffee/ cake shop called The Flower Pot Bakery – oh man, if I could have, I would’ve got so much bread and cake from this place, the lemon drizzle loaf was to die for. I mean look at it!


We then went along to Trolls Pantry and met up with all the gang. The burgers here were AHMAZING. We had a massive outdoors area which was perfect for all of us to sit around, eat food, drink beer and wine. A perfect day out if you ask me! The menu is great, with all the ingredients locally sourced, using local, seasonal and organic produce. Good food with good purpose. We then went down to the beach front, stopping in at a few bars here and there, where our buddies went to watch a movie under the stars. However by this point it was getting late and we had to catch the train home. Brighton is a fantastic place for a day out with so many bars, pubs and places to eat. I cant wait to go back!


N is for…. Southsea Food Festival?

Ok, before you shout at me, “Hollie, Southsea starts with S, not N”, I know, I know, but if I’d put N is for Noms you probably wouldn’t read any more of it! But yeah, that is what we did on out N date, ate loads of Nice food from local suppliers and met up with Tim’s parents. We had an absolute blast at the food festival. I cant remember the last time I saw and ate so much. From Vegan, gluten free quiche, gluten free pasta, Macaroons, vegan donuts, cookies, a quick pint at the Wave Maiden and the Belle Isle (Both fine establishments, if youre ever in Southsea you’ll be spoiled for choice) it was a great day out.


We were supposed to be going to Norwich for a meet up but ended up having to postpone it, but we did go a few weeks later! We went to hang out with my best friend Kerry (who by the way, writes an awesome blog, please go have a read) and her husband Gareth, and met their little bundle of joy Jessica. Its always great to get home and meet up with friends, especially the ones who I’ve known for 16(!) years.


O is for… One Year Anniversary!

On my goodness me, a whole year together? Already?

What a year it has been. Tim and I decided to go celebrate our one year anniversary back in our favorite place, Winchester! We went for Pizza at a place called The Stable,  which specialises in over 60 types of cider and made the most divine Gluten free pizza I have ever eaten. The place has a really laid back atmosphere, with huge bay windows upstairs, a big open kitchen, and massive glass front windows downstairs that open up in the summer – a great place to hang out with a hand made-to-order pizza and a cider.


After dinner we went back to our favourite bar in Winchester, the Black Boy. This is such a cool quirky bar just outside of the centre, which describes itself as “Tucked away on Wharf Hill, off Chesil Street in Winchester, The Black Boy is still faithful to its origins. Although recognised in most of the well known beer and pub guides,  it is still a traditional back-street boozer.”


We first visited this place when I took Tim to the Black Rat, which is owned by the same proprietors at the Black Boy. They have a chain of 4 venues, The Black Rat, which is a Michelin starred restaurant offering up some beautiful seasonal menus and a truly incredible dining experience, the Black Boy, the pub, the Black Bottle, which is a really cool wine bar concept, where you put money onto a pre-paid card and then head to one of the Wine Vending machines located throughout the three floors and choose your wine by the glass. Then there is the Bed and Breakfast, the Black Hole, which is a prison themed B&B. I don’t want to give too much away on them, you really need to visit them all yourself to truly appreciate them, but here are a couple of snaps.

So that is where we are up to! We have had a massively busy summer, with Weddings, Football Games, Christenings, BBQs, but now the year is winding down a bit I’m sure we will have a few more lined up.

I hope you are all enjoying your alphabet dates! Please do let us know what you’ve been up to on our Facebook, Instagram, and use #alphabetdates to share the love!

Until next time, Hxx

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