Alphabet Dates – P, Q, R,S



So Winter has been, and spring is en route now the evenings are getting lighter, and we went on some cracking dates at the end of last year and into the beginning of this year. We did a little hibernating, and went on holiday too! But back to the dates, lets take a look.

P is for – Planes and Poole! – Ist October 2016

We went to a plane museum! It was so awesome. We took a little day trip down to the Bournemouth Aviation museum which is all outdoors, and had such a great time looking at all the old aircraft, we even got a chance to sit in the cockpits of a few of them which was super cool, but also pretty uncomfortable – I have no idea how anyone would be able to sit in one of those for a long time. We then went into Poole for the day and caught up with some friends, had a Pint, and then headed home for Pizza – yummy yum. A lovely day out, if a little on the chilly side.

Seriously though, this place was so cool, the guys who run it were so friendly and welcoming, and youre right opposite Bournemouth Airport so you can see all the planes coming in – aviation geeks will love this!



Q is for Quiz Night! – 8th October 2016

Proving the point that you really don’t need to spend a fortune on dates,. tonight we took a real easy one and went to a quiz night in Portsmouth at the Eastney Tavern – it was pretty hard to be honest, bearing in mind it was only the two of us and some of the teams had 8 people in! But it was great fun, we ate some great pub food, had some beers, and didn’t come last which was a huge relief! Pub quizzes are always good fun and we try to go to them whenever we have time, it’s a good way to meet new people in a new city too – although we aren’t new to Portsmouth its always good to try to buddy up with other couples.

(I didnt get any photos, because yanno, its a quiz. So here’s some pictures from a non alphabet date to Brewdog in Southampton, and a terrifying game of Jenga.)


R is for Rendezvous, Real Burgers – 7th January 2017

The First Alphabet date of 2017! This was Tim’s turn and when he told me we were going on our R date in Chichester, I had absolutely no idea what to expect. I’m not the only one who notices that Chichester doesn’t start with an R Right? So when we got there and met up with our friends Richard and Dee, I was like, oh, ok, Rich is the R – no, that would be Rendezvous.


In all honesty, we just wanted to go to the Tim Peake Exhibition at Chichester Science Museum, what with us all being big old space nerds and all. So we did, and it was wicked! We went and looked around the rest of the museum before heading off for some AMAZING Real Burgers at the Real Burger Kitchen which were divine, like, seriously amazing. I had a burger with bacon, a pancake and maple syrup. Dont judge me. So that was another R – I can live with that!

S is for Stonehenge – 25th February 2017

So this was my date and to be honest, Stonehenge was always going to be our S date. We have driven past it so many times on the way to Exeter and to Cornwall and have always wanted to go, so we did! We utilised our English Heritage membership and packed a picnic for the day and went to see it for all its glory. It was pretty impressive I have to say, and English heritage have done an amazing job to ensure that it is preserved for future generations, with a million pound visitor centre with state of the art exhibition, a shuttle bus takes you up to the stones and back again which was great because the day we went was freezing! You can also go to Wood Henge which isn’t far away either, but as we got back the rain started to come down so we bundled back into the car and headed home.

English Heritage memberships start from £78 for couples for the year, and with that you get to go to Stonehenge and over 100 other sites for free knowing you are contributing to preserving some of our most iconic landmarks. Day tickets for Stonehenge start at £13pp and must be booked in advance.


So what else has been happening?

Holidays, birthdays, (my 30th, boohoo), Christmas, new jobs, moving house, Portsmouth 1/2 Marathon, Filming Movies, but that is the joy of alphabet dates – those weekends where you don’t have any plans, you can make a date!

Until the next instalment, and that’s going to be a fun one – T,U,V W? wish us luck!

H&T xx

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