Alphabet Dates – T,U,V,W

Hello my loves! Welcome back to a Drizzly March day!

We have had one heck of a hectic, chaotic and dizzying start to the year. As such, the date nights have gone on the back burner because we have been A) Busy with new ventures, B) Finding new jobs and C) skint AF because of finding said new jobs. However, we are both getting back on track and hopefully now that the weather is (apparently) going to start getting better, we can get back to some dates! We are both very much winter hibernators, so we haven’t done much in the winter, however, we have been out on few dates which Im going to tell you about today!

T is for.. Tigers, Lions and.. Dinosaurs?

So for this date, we took our bi-annual trip to Kent to go and see some family and made a pit stop into the wildlife park en route! We spent the day at Port Lympne Reserve, which was amazing. The added bonus of going on a week day meant it was super quiet so we got a chance to see a large majority of the animals up close. with 760 animals over 600 acres, there was a lot to see. Rhinos, Giraffes, Gorillas, Dinosaurs – yes, dinosaurs, with a to scale dinosaur forest to walk through. It was an amazing day out as you can see from the photos below.

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Beauts #whiterhino

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I loves her.

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What an arse.

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  • Port Lympne is a breeding sanctuary for rare and endangered animals and wherever possible we aim to send animals born here to protected areas of their natural habitat where they can live free – just as they should be.
  • We always make sure that the animals come first, from enclosure design to diet, no expense is spared. We grow our own herbs and vegetables and source our meat from trustworthy suppliers.
  • We design our enclosures with the animals in mind, so there’s lots of natural foliage and furniture to provide shelter and camouflage.
  • We never lock our animals into viewing areas, so, just like in the wild, it may take some time to spot certain animals.
  • We do our best to provide a fantastic visitor experience, whilst not forgetting the primary reason we’re here – to ensure the survival of endangered animals.


Port Lympne also offers on site accommodation throughout the reserve, with their Tiger lodge located next to the enclosure offering close up views of the tigers, to Giraffe lodge overlooking the safari.

Tickets start from £22.50 for adults and £18.50 for children.


U is for.. Underwater at the London Aquarium

Another date, another adventure, this time we headed underwater! We took advantage of the Cadburys deal where you buy two share size pouches and get 241 entry to the aquarium, which is a steal! Situated right on the river next to the London Eye, With more than 500 species, 14 themed zones and more than 2 million litres of water, the SEA LIFE London aquarium is home to one of Europe’s largest collections of global marine life.

With thousands of sea creatures, from rays to rare green sea turtles; you can see them swimming majestically as you go through the Ocean Tunnel.

One of the most popular and dramatic displays at the SEA LIFE London is the shark reef. Encounter sand tiger sharks, bow mouths, black tips and grey reefs (and a shoal of less menacing fish to keep them company!). It’s as close as you can be to these fascinating and eerie creatures of the deep without getting wet!

In addition to fostering conservation through enhanced awareness, SEA LIFE regularly makes a direct contribution towards conservation and marine animal welfare.

The aquarium boasts a huge array of marine life from sharks to jellyfish to rain forest frogs to eels and a whole lot more. There are touch tanks, feeding opportunities and talks given throughout the day. As big fans of all things nature, this was a fantastic day out which we really enjoyed, even more so due to the fact we paid half price.

Ticket prices start from £20.40 online, with the option to add on behind the scenes tours and VIP experiences such as shark snorkelling.


V and W is for… Valentines Wrestling

Ok, so we kinda cheated on this one, but come on, in February, there inst much to do when you are both starting new jobs! But this was an awesome evening out and I had no idea what we were doing. Because it was our V date, the entire car journey to Portsmouth was guessing what on earth we could be doing! We are both huge wrestling fans, having been to the live tapings of WWE  in London every year since we met. Pro Revolution Wrestling did not disappoint. This was a lot more rugged and rough, but we had great seats and the small dirty atmosphere at the Guildhall in Portsmouth was great! We had an opportunity to see some great independent wrestling, and some of our favourites were there too.



So that is it for this short and sweet alphabet dates instalment. Sorry its taken so long, but on the plus we only have X,Y and Z left which are going to be interesting as I have no idea what to do for X and Z!

Until next time, happy dating!


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