Alphabet Dating Dates H & I

Hi lovelies!

So here is our latest update on our Alphabet dating adventures. We have had a bit of a busy month this month, so have only squeezed in 2 dates – and April will be just a busy!

This month we have done our H and I dates!

H is for…. Home times, Heritage and History! 4th – 6th March

So, we went back over to the Isle of Wight to combine our date with Mothers Day and Granny’s Epic 94th(!) birthday. It was so lovely being back at Tims’ Mums, and the great thing about the Isle of Wight is there is so much History to go and explore!

We first headed over to Carisbrooke Castle,  which is just gorgeous. The quintessential romantic castle, Carisbrooke is at the very heart of the Isle of Wight’s history. An Elizabethan artillery fortress, a king’s prison and a royal summer residence, here you’ll find loveable donkeys, a fascinating museum and an Edwardian garden. Experience hundreds of years of history with our entertaining events, and be a knight or princess for a day within the high castle walls. We met Donkeys, walked the castle walls, and even donned some medieval gear (We are dorks like that).

Sunday we headed over to Osborne House .

“It is impossible to imagine a prettier spot” said Queen Victoria of Osborne House, her palatial holiday home on the Isle of Wight. We wandered through Victoria and Albert’s private apartments, headed down to the private beach (note to self, come back to the beach in the summer)  We then took a hike/stroll through the garden terraces, wandered to the children’s’ Swiss cottage (which wasn’t open, but still, pretty awesome from the outside) and back up to the main house, for CAKE! Well, you cant go to Victoria’s house and not have Victoria sponge cake, right?

We are absolutely loving our English Heritage membership, which meant we were able to go and explore both of these sites for free. Anyone who is a castle fanatic, I would definitely recommend getting one! Click here for more information on membership ans all the amazing sites you can go to.

Along with all of the above, we also got to spend quality time with the Family. What more could you want from a weekend?


I is for… Indoor Climbing, Ice Cream and Italian! – 20th March

This was a bit more adventurous for us! We had always fancied trying Bouldering, but as we are complete novices, and no idea where to start. A couple of our friends has recommended Red Spider in Fareham, just round the corner from us, so we decided to go for it.

After signing up, and watching the on-line safety video, we went up. £13pp including shoe hire, a membership card and we were off!


Unlike conventional “clip and climb” rock climbing, Bouldering involves no ropes. You are purely using your own upper body strength and flexibility to negotiate the walls, some which have overhangs, and its pretty tough! We tried out the “easier” routes which were mainly purple, tried a couple of overhanging walls and even some competition walls! after about an hour my forearms were killing me. It was great fun, we got a great workout and it really tests your strength. What was great to see was so many kids doing it (and doing a much better job than we were). After about an hour 1/2 we were done, so went off for the next part of our date – ICE CREAM!


I mean, after a gruelling workout (and it was gruelling, and it was a work out) who doesn’t want ice cream?

Then in the evening, we ate Italian food – home made pasta and garlic bread. All in all, a pretty awesome day.

So,  what’s next? Well, April is a pretty hectic month again, we have a Birthday weekend, a weekend away, a marathon, and a holiday to Spain – will we fit in a few dates? I hope so!





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