What is Alphabet Dating?

Welcome to AlphabetDates.co.uk!

Alphabet Dating is a fantastic way for couples to add some extra excitement to their dating life. It’s easy for relationships to get a bit stale, but Alphabet Dates can help add that extra spark.

So… tell me the rules!
First rule of Alphabet Dating, do not talk about… actually, no wait… share away! There really are no rules, but we find this works for us:
– Take turns to choose what you do
– Be adventurous; if something is suggested, go for it!
– Be respectful; although it’s good to expand your horizons, respect your partner’s dislikes or fears
– Take photos and share them!
– Think outside the box

How much should we spend on a date?
How much can you afford? Dating shouldn’t become a financial strain, so don’t get carried away. There’s no real lower or upper limits on spending. We’ve had dates that were completely free or less than a tenner, but we’ve also spend £100+ which is quite a bit for us…

So we need to find an activity starting with each letter?
Not necessarily! The letter can be anything. For example, our E date was in Exeter; that would be enough for us to justify the ‘E-Date’, but we also went ‘Eating’ and did some ‘Exercise’. There’s no rules, have fun and think outside the box!

So we do this every week?
You do it when you’re both free. We lead busy lives, so it’s not always possible to find time. We try and do one every weekend, but others might do 1 a month, or just as and when their hectic lives allow!

I love the sound of this, but I’m single?
No worries! Find a buddy and get out there, who knows, you might meet someone doing an activity you love!

Me and my partner never find the time because of the kids…
Family date! Remember, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a date between just a couple, it’s just meant to be fun and bring people closer together, enjoying the world.

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