About us

Tippers and Hollie - Alphabetdating.co.uk
Tippers and Hollie – Alphabetdating.co.uk


We’re Tippers and Hollie (and Dolly, pictured!) from Hampshire in the UK. We stated Alphabet Dating after Hollie saw Tom and Giovanna Fletcher doing it and thought it would add some spark to our weekends. Neither of us like wasting time, the weekends are there to be enjoyed, and that’s what we do!

Since we started alphabet dating, we noticed a lot of the people who we told about it started doing it themselves. We put this website together simply to inspire others to get out there and explore, enjoy and make the most of your time together.

We don’t claim to have invented Alphabet Dating, we just thought a resource for date ideas was helpful for others.

Have fun, share your pictures and memories and go date!

Tipps & Hollie

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